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Cheryl Roseborough

Visionary, Self Esteem Elevated

SEE Experience Host:

Hi, I am Cheryl Roseborough your Next Level Experience host. I invite you to join me and my special guests for two powerful days filled with wisdom and insight to assist you in reaching your Next Level. We believe that you aren’t supposed to do it all on your own. We want to make sure you leave educated in every area of your life to elevate to your Next Level.

Join us for two
days in Las Colinas

These two power packed days are filled with motivation to elevate your life to the Next Level in every area from professional, spiritual, mental, physical, personal,relational, and financial.

General Session Speakers

Kim McGrew

Kimistry wellness

Cheryl Roseborough

Self Esteem Elevated

Lisa Lloyd

Spoken Word

Jamie Stapleton

Spoken Word

Conference Schedule 

A Night with Naomi

Friday, June 14th

Meet & Greet

6:30 PM

Experience with Naomi

7:00 PM

Closing Surprise!


Next Level Experience

Saturday, June 15th

Registration Opens

9:00 AM

General Session

10:00 AM

Session 1 Workshops 

11:45 PM


12:30 PM

Session 2 Workshops 

1:30 PM

General Session

2:30 PM




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