The Right Insight for Your Spiritual Growth

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises have taught me a great deal over the past year. What I have gathered from my studies on his centuries old method is that all that we do is to center us.

What does that center look like?  We are not all the same people so what works for me may not work for you.  What works for you may not work for me? We are all different but yet all alike. We are all (at least we should be) seeking what our true purpose in life is. That purpose comes when we find out who we are at the core of our being. We all have convictions. However, is that conviction enough for you to find out who you are why you are placed here on this earth?

Ignatius Spiritual Exercises taught me how to do to that. Its all geared to help you do some spring cleaning in your spirit.

What Spring Cleaning should look like for each of us:

1. We need to identify what we are moving out of our heart and mind?

2. WE need to determine what old thought patterns  that need to be cleared out to hear, think and move more clearly?

3. We need to determine who we are willing to forgive in order to receive our own healing and move forward in our call and our purpose?

4. We need to determine what we are willing to give up to move forward? It could be bitterness, hurt, abandonment, rejection. Sometimes we are holding on to things like a badge of honor and it is blocking us from truly relating and living in our most authentic version of ourselves.

So what does Spiritual Exercises do for us? It teaches us to depend our maker. We identify and learn that we can’t and shouldn’t try to do everything on our own. We are not focused on building our own kingdom for purposed about living for God.

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