What a still moment will do for you?

What a still moment will do for you?

When your sleep is disturbed it’s hard to not wonder what is going on. The past two nights I haven’t been able to sleep well at all. So many things have flooded my mind from children, grandchildren, finances, ministry, business, grad school, and relationships. I found myself having a silent scream moment. 

Why? What I have learned about myself in my quiet season is that I can get in my own way. I expect God to do but because of #1 – perfectionist/reformer on the Enneagram Diagram I have recognized who I am and why I move the way I do. 

I value people, friendships and relationships. I love hard and deep. Yet and still trust is really hard. So what do you do? You go back to your center. What is your center? Your most humble and purest place in God.

I have a very sweet man in my life who tell me that I need to pray for God to order my steps, send the resources and trust him and his process. All sounds perfect. Prayer for guidance, resource allocation I’m solid with. It’s trusting God in the process that is my hurdle. So how do you move… its in my still moment that I received my answer….I will share my truth at SEE Next Level Experience… join me there, You won’t be disappointed.

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